Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets probably cost a small fortune, So don't even consider replacing them without first asking us about having them professionally cleaned. We understand that you want minimal disruption, so we offer all day evening and weekend appointments where possible to suit your schedules. Our trained and trustworthy operators will handle everything including, the movement of furniture as is necessary. Our process allows our professionally trained carpet cleaning teams to clean carpet and ensure carpets are dry within 2hrs. We have been cleaning carpet in many affluent homes in London and Surrounding areas our head carpet cleaning technician has been privileged to have worked in downing street London also for royal family members politicians and famous television radio and football personalities and many more and we do believe that working with a first class professional cleaning company such as ourselves you will have that same experience.

Before we clean your carpets we will assess the fibres to ensure the best cleaning process then hoover all carpets to remove dirt and debris then spray pre cleaner only then will we begin the process of deep cleaning the carpets.  We use hot water extraction for most cleaning. Other methods are available but hot water process is recommended by most manufacturers, it does not wear down the fibres of the carpet, it provides a deep clean and leaves no residue behind.

Using our truck mount machine which is capable of delivering temperature of 110 degree 2500psi pressure sufficient enough to run up to (600ft) of hoses. This is designed to cause minimal disruption virtually no noise inside premises parking would be required

"You'll get the guarantee of the absolute cleanest carpet in town."

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