Domestic Cleaning ´╗┐Services

We provide excellent cleaning services for the home in the London and Surrey areas...

We tailor all our services to meet you and your home. We understand there isnt a one size fits all solution as everyone works different hours, has different size homes and different needs. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is of the highest standard and will ensure you holding deposit is refunded. The best way to find out more about our services is to get in touch with our team to discuss what you need over the phone or to arrange a free no obligation appointment. 

Our services are available 24/7, thats right! 24/7 365 days of the year. Even Christmas day! We will come and provide you a quick two hour clean or a full house blitz at any time. Our most popular solution is the weekly clean and maid service. You can choose from a bi-weekly clean or single day clean but our slots and availability is limited so make sure you get in touch ASAP to book the available slots. 

We ask that all weekly cleans are paid for in advance for the month ahead. You can cancel at anytime but this keeps our business running smoothly and makes sure you get the best service and prices in town!

Special Services ´╗┐Available

Clothes Washing

Need to catch up on the washing? Consider it done! Simply leave the bag of clothing you require doing and we'll put it on for you whilst we clean. 


Again, simply leave out a bag of clothes you need ironing and it will be done for when you return home. 

Dish Washing

Don't worry about cleaning for the cleaner, if you have pots out don't worry we've got it sorted for you!

Grocery Shopping

Let's kill two birds with one stone. Need the shopping done? Order online the night before and arrange a collection order. On our way to clean your home we'll go and collect your shopping and even put it away. Once we've done that, we'll clean your house too!